Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to order tickets online - Good Question - FAQ

We get alot of questions about how to order tickets.  It is a fair question, but not something you should worry about if you are knew to ordering tickets or buying anything online this should be a great list of tips to help you get the tickets you need.  First thin you need to do is find the game or event you want to see, this can be done by using the search field to find the event.  Then sort by price or section and you should find plenty of tickets.  From there you should be able to easily complete the form and your tickets will be either emailed to you or couriered to you.  Its best to order tickets a couple days before the event, this will ensure that your tickets make it to you before the event.    If you have a particular question about your order or need more assistance call us today at - 1(866)459-9233

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