Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dodger Rookie Yasiel Puig - Not an All Star - Do you remember Kevin Maas??

There has been huge debate over the legitimacy of Yasiel Puig being added to the NL All Star Team. People are incredibly enamored with the young talented right fielder. Phenoms are a great part of the game, they draw in the passive fan. But sadly the all star game is not just for the passive fan. Its also a sign of respect for guys who have done it for many years and worked hard to improve their skills each year. Guys like Puig have been known to be flashes in the pan. The Yankees had a young power hitter name Kevin Maas, who hit 9 home runs his first month in the big leagues. Sadly, this brilliance was short lived. People thought he might the second coming of current Dodger Manager Don Mattingly. Maas would fizzle and hit only 65 home runs in his career. Another player that had a start near Puig was Shane Spencer, Spencer is a near legend in Yankee lore. Hitting .373 his first 100 at bats with 10 home runs. Just another flash in the pan. Visit for great prices on all Dodgers Tickets.

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