Thursday, November 21, 2013

CFL - GREY CUP TRIVIA - Facts and Figures

5.4 million – Average number of viewers who watched the 100th GREY CUP on TSN last year – the most-watched CFL championship ever recorded on Canadian English-language television

33,528 – Metres of cable (camera, audio, and video) needed for TSN’s broadcast of the 101st GREY CUP (equal to 333 CFL football fields)

2,656 – Number of kilometres traveled by the CFL ON TSN panel desk on its journey from TSN’s Toronto studio to Mosaic Stadium in Regina

FACT: TSN’s producer and director team of Jon Hynes and Paul Hemming have worked together to broadcast thousands of marquee sporting events. In addition to numerous Grey Cups, they both worked on the men’s hockey gold medal game at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

1,500 – Estimated number of split-second decisions that will be made by TSN’s production team during the 101st GREY CUP broadcast

1,117 – Total combined height in centimetres of the CFL on TSN panel

250 – Estimated number of watermelon helmets TSN will show on air during its two-day Grey Cup coverage

FACT: TSN’s Brian Williams has interviewed a total of 10 different CFL commissioners on Grey Cup Sundays.

195 – Total number of TSN staff (technical, production, support and on-air) working Grey Cup weekend 

155 – Number of microphones used by TSN on GREY CUP SUNDAY

150 – Number of broadcast monitors in one TSN broadcast truck

55 – Number of Darren Dutchyshen’s “extended” family from Porcupine Plain, Sask. joining him at the game

FACT: TSN uses two different production crews for the 101st GREY CUP: one for the game and one for the pre-game show and SiriusXM Grey Cup Half-Time Show

37 – Number of cameras TSN will use during TSN’s broadcast of the 101st GREY CUP including a helicopter-cam to capture aerial views of the city

21 – Number of JUNO nominations garnered by multi-platinum pop group Hedley, who will perform at the SiriusXM Grey Cup Half-Time Show at the 101st GREY CUP

15 – Number of Grey Cup games called by TSN’s Chris Cuthbert. He is joined by CFL ON TSN analyst Glen Suitor in the broadcast booth for the 101st GREY CUP.

FACT: Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard finished in third place on the second season of CTV’s Canadian Idol

1 – Ranking of the 1989 Grey Cup (Riders vs. Ti-Cats) on the SPORTSCENTRE Top 10 list of the greatest CFL championship games of all time

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