Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hockey Tickets are Selling at All Time High Prices

This has been a great season for hockey tickets, demand has been tremendous for all packages and games. From Season Tickets to the Leafs and Habs to ice level tickets for the Penguins. We have seen terrific interest in all our tickets. Our specialty site recently provided numbers on resold tickets, with the New York Rangers having the largest amount of resold tickets on the network. Alot of these are the infamous end blues, which is one of the rowdiest places to see a game. If you aren't a Rangers fan, you are bound to here the news from the raucas group. Boston is currently second in ticket sales and we see 5 of the original six in the top 8 positions. This is good food for thought and should be kept in mind when looking to buy tickets. New York Rangers Boston Bruins Colorado Avalanche Tampa Bay Lightning Ottawa Senators Detroit Red Wings Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens Source -

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