Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Bon Jovi Concert - The Circle

Wow. Take me back to 1994 or something. Being a pretty big fan of Bon Jovi, I was not dissapointed by the show last night at the Rogers Centre. John Bon Jovi was amazing, his singing ability and talent were in full display. Singing some new stuff, that isn't half bad and then offering some oldies but goodies the crowd was truly loving the experience. Richie Sambora has not lost a thing, although I do wish he would lose the 80's hair and jacket. But, I guess than it wouldn't be Bon Jovi now would it. My wife did make the observation that Bon Jovi transcends many generations and types of people. From 50's rocker girl to the 18 year olds looking for a good show. The talents were in full display and it is easy to tell the difference from old rockers and manufactured bands of today. Bon Jovi is an icon.

Kid Rock opened, and though he has some good songs and is a terrific musician who can play the piano, guitar and drums; his repetoire of songs was a little lacking. Still an amazing entertainer who put on an amazing performance.

Bon Jovi: The Circle will be continuing his tour around North America. Bon Jovi ticket prices are pretty reasonable. We were lucky to be upgrade in tickets when they closed our section. Kudos to the Rogers Centre Ticket Staff for making the transition so smooth, as we only missed a bit of the show.

The tour moves onto Foxborough before finishing up at Soldier field at the end of the month. Here is quick link to find tickets to see Bon Jovi.

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