Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yankees Spring Training Tickets - Buy Early

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With the Yankees headed to the 2013 looking for another playoff run at the World Series, those looking to get tickets will need to act quickly.  Yankee Spring Training Tickets have been released, we don't know if they are going to be available on the home site.  Spring Training Game tickets start at about 25 dollars a seat, these being those in the upper bowl of Steinbrenner Stadium in Tampa.  This Stadium is a great place to watch spring training, the atmosphere is an amazing part of the experience.  The Yankees have had an amazing run with Derek Jeter having a true renascence, leading all of baseball in base hits 2012. Mariano Rivera went down early in the year with a freak knee injury and it should be exciting to watch him return.  He was replaced by setup guy and experienced closer Rafael Soriano.  Curtis Granderson has had trouble with his average but has been cranking tons of balls into the cheap seats in rightfield. The additions of Ichiro Suzuki and Kevin Youkilis will make the Yankees more than competitive. The Yankees are you going to be missing the media circus that always surrounds Alex Rodriguez, missing might be the wrong word.  Arod has been on the steady down turn of late and this is the major reason they brought Youkilis on board.  Speaking of Youk, I think the Red Sox are really going to miss him this year, he was an on base machine.  They should also see the return of Michael Pineda, who was acquired last off season but went down with Tommy John Surgery and was lost for the season.
   Given all this noise, we think this spring training is going to be very exciting and would encourage any Yankees Spring Training Ticket buyer to act quickly, as mentioned, seats in visiting parks become something of a challenge.  Being in Tampa, the Yankees play in the Grapefruit League mostly.  Teams have been moving to Arizona in recent years, known as the Cactus League.  Here is a list of good sites to find lots of Spring Training Tickets. - Spring Training Tickets

These sites are independent ticket brokers. Or at least they used to be to the best of our knowledge.  As you can see we are Yankee Fans too and buying tickets can be a pain in the butt.  Especially trying to get them the day of the game.  Lets Go Yankees!

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