Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best Places for Spring Training Tickets - MLB 2013

As a new season approaches, I am always excited about the trips to Florida my dad took me on to see Spring Training action.  That week of spring break was always great, we would rent a house for the week and see 2 or 3 games.  If you are a ball fan and have yet to take in any Grapefruit League action, perhaps you should make plans to get the Spring thaw in a little early.  Buying tickets at the park can be a hassle, teams like the Phillies, Yankees and Dodgers usually sell out of all games - both home and on the road.  This can make it a challenge if you are going to be seeing a team that is playing one of these teams.    Teams like the Blue Jays, the odds on favorite to win the World Series, will be a tough ticket this spring.  Having been to many a spring training facility.  They are usually undermanned and have only limited people working the counters.  So, if you are looking to walk up and purchase tickets, it may be a tough go.  Buying prior to the day of the game is also a great way to go.  Just head down to the park during the game to get your seats figured out.  This way you can save the frustration and find quality seats. But if you aren't able to get to the park prior to your visit, which is often the case.  Last thing you want to do is waste extra time of your vacation running to the park just buy tickets.  In this instance, we suggest using a Baseball Ticket Broker for  better service, as tickets are couriered right to your hotel/resort/home or they will meet you at the park.

You can also go right to the Major League Team to purchase tickets.  Not the easiest to find or navigate, but it is does ensure you are paying the actual face value.  Tickets are often printable, which lowers the cost of purchasing and mailing them to you which would be the case in other transaction methods. MLB has a deal with Stubhub, so there are lots of places to find tickets and there is no reason to purchase tickets the day before the games.  Get them ahead of time and you can plan your vacation around the days you plan to be at the park. 

So what happens if your game is rained out? Good question, tickets are usually exchangeable for another game or if you can't do another game in the spring you can request a refund.  The best part of Grapefruit League action, is that it never rains in Florida.  Rain delays are common, but you don't usually lose your full day.  I have also known certain hotels in areas surrounding the complexes will provide shuttles to and from the park.  So, remember to ask the concierge or desk.   Another note about seeing a ball game, don't drink and drive as law enforcement often does ride programs following games.  Make sure you have a DD and enjoy your spring vacation.

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